Fees for All

Supporting young people in education, skills & training

Help build a better future for South Africa

Only 1% of Grade 1’s will graduate university in South Africa.


According to StatSA, out of 100 Grade 1 pupils, only 40 will reach Grade 12, and a mere 28 will pass. Only 4 will be able to afford and commence tertiary education, and shockingly, only 1 will graduate.


Imagine a South Africa where everyone had equal opportunity to tertiary education. Imagine a country with an innovative, sophisticated and productive workforce that contributed to an advanced society.


Former President Nelson Mandela believed in the possibility, believed in the power of education to transform the world.


If you too share the dream of a better tomorrow for all, support us in our goal to make tertiary education accessible to all.


Fees For All is a registered Section 10 NPC and provides full and partial bursaries and mentoring to South African students.


Fees For All is an initiative by LIPCO Law For All, a legal service and mediation company that has been making the law affordable and accessible since 1993. During this time, Law For All has continually provided bursaries and mentoring to students with great succes.


The official launch date is 1 April 2016, with various corporate and celebrity endorsements in place. Contact Adv Jackie Nagtegaal at jackien@lipco.co.za or 021 521 2000


For more information, visit www.feesforall.org.za

SMS DONATE to 42041 or via SnapScan