Tour d’Afrique

Clients of Pastel Accounts, UNITED Air Charters of Zambia rewarded me with this!

22 Apr Zambezi Zone

It turned out that I was VERY happy to leave Malawi. And I do not think I will return to Malawi. Another beautiful African country with big problems due to the lack of leadership and a handout mentality. [caption id="attachment_17142" align="alignleft" width="300"] Wisdom tree. Zambia[/caption] [caption id="attachment_17143"...

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Crossing into Malawi.

02 Apr Malawi Gin

I really didn’t now what to expect as we entered Malawi. All I knew was that it is a small country with a big lake and that it is very green. Everything about Malawi exceeded my expectations. Although there is a slight handout mentality with...

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My Masai friend Ole. He ONLY eats red meat, drinks blood and milk. He is also on Facebook.

02 Apr Masai Steppe

Kenya was the first taste of the real Africa, the Africa that we see in the movies and read about in romantic books. It was wild and beautiful. Entering Tanzania was like entering Jurassic Park, extremely wild and absolutely beautiful beyond words. [caption id="attachment_17111" align="alignleft" width="300"]...

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19 Mar Meltdown Madness

There was some excitement leaving Addis Ababa. At this stage I can say (like a real world traveller), that there is always some excitement leaving one country to go into the next. After all the negative things that happened in Ethiopia I would like to...

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19 Feb The Gorge

The next 8 days after our rest day was hell. Literally. I think that was the section where hell was born. Remember those milkshakes in Khartoum? There was not one day in those 8 days to Gondor after Khartopum that I didn’t want to bathe...

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Pharaoh's Delight_1

09 Feb Pharaoh’s Delight

Today, exactly one month ago, I started riding my mountain bike out of a very cold Cairo. A bit more than 4 weeks, 4 weeks and 2 days to be exact. If I did not look at the calendar I would not have known what...

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